Lahaina sunset across from Sargent's Fine Jewelry
Dancing Starfish Necklace & Earrings by Roxanne Beebe
Hammered Silver Ring by The Boys
Charms of Aloha Bracelets by Cathleen Bunt
101010 Pendant by Shirley Lecomte
Waterlily Earrings by Elise Moran
Pendant by Gary Ewing
Tahitian Peacock Necklace by Gloria Madden
Maui Wave Necklace by Carl Grundy
Sunrise Niihau Shell Necklace
Sterling Silver Cuff by Paradisus
Necklace by Paula Nurse Designs
Lamello Wave Rings by Pratima Designs
Necklace by Starborn Creations
Wedding Bands by Bruce Tapley
Gold Watch by Patek Philippe